How many pieces of Tape make an average full head of Hair Extensions
- 40 pieces 
What lengths do they come in?
  - Stocked Lengths Include 22inch - we can custom order your hair extensions up to 30inchs
How often do you need to move up the Tape hair Extensions ?             - Every 6 to 8 weeks depending on how fast your hair grows. 
What products not to use?
Do not use any protein / sulphate shampoo / conditioners
How do you remove the tape?
Hair Extension Tape Remover
Can you colour the Extensions?
We do not recommend or guarantee colouring, however if you do, you can only dye from Lighter to Darker NOT Darker to Lighter. You can use toner as well. Do NOT bleach.
What Shampoo or Conditioner do you recommend?  Hair Extension Care range which is specially made for hair extensions. If your looking for another option you can use a moisturizing/smoothing/hydrating shampoo and conditioner just make sure you check the back of the label and make sure it doesn’t have any protein or sulphate because it will damage your hair extensions and create dry damage and it will loose the lush texture out of your hair extensions.
What does it mean if the tape becomes gluggy?
High heat is usually the cause of this is such as Hot Showers, Hair Dryers & Straighteners. 
How long till I can wash my hair once the tape hair extensions have been applied?
48 hours
What Chemical process do the Extensions undergo?
The extensions are stripped back to leave a blank colour (light/bleached) then coloured with clothing dye, so that ensures that the colour does not run
How to stop matting?
Make sure you run your fingers throughout your hair extensions daily, this way it separates the extensions because when you sleep your hair can create knots as it does with your own hair when you sleep and by separating it daily you will stop any matting from being created.
What tape is used on the tape hair extensions?
Blue Strong USA Tape – Highest grade blue tape on the hair market.

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